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Saxon - Wheels of Steel (1980)

Saxon - Wheels of Steel (1980)

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Tracks written by Biff Byford, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson & Pete Gill

Side one
1. "Motorcycle Man" 3:56
2. "Stand Up and Be Counted" 3:09
3. "747 (Strangers in the Night)" 4:58
4. "Wheels of Steel" 5:58

Side two
5. "Freeway Mad"    2:41
6. "See the Light Shining" 4:55
7. "Street Fighting Gang" 3:12
8. "Suzie Hold On" 4:34
9. "Machine Gun"   5:23

1997 remaster bonus tracks
10. "Judgement Day" (live) 5:38
11. "Wheels of Steel" (7" version)     4:30
12. "See the Light Shining" (live)   5:31
13. "Wheels of Steel" (live)   9:27
14. "747 (Strangers in the Night)" (live)      4:56
15. "Stallions of the Highway" (live) 3:18

2009 remaster bonus tracks
10. "Suzie Hold On" (1980 demo rehearsal)  5:26
11. "Wheels of Steel" (1980 demo rehearsal)     6:31
12. "Stallions of the Highway" (live, b-side "747 (Strangers in the Night)")   3:35
13. "Motorcycle Man" (live)    3:37
14. "Freeway Mad" (live) 2:24
15. "Wheels of Steel" (live)    5:26
16. "747 (Strangers in the Night)" (live) 4:47
17. "Machine Gun" (live)      6:16

2009 remaster bonus tracks 13-17 recorded live at Donington, 1980.

Saxon Band Members
Biff Byford - vocals
Graham Oliver - guitar
Paul Quinn - guitar
Steve Dawson - bass guitar
Pete Gill - drums

Wheels of Steel is the second studio album by the English heavy metal band Saxon. It was released in 1980 and reached Platinum status in the UK.

"747 (Strangers in the Night)" is about a power cut that forced planes in New York to remain in ascent in 1965 with the power outage provoking a Scandinavian flight to detour to Kennedy airport in the dark.

The title track is featured in the video games Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony) and Brütal Legend. It has also been covered by L.A. Guns on their album Rips the Covers Off and bears a strong resemblance to the outro riff of "Rock 'n' Roll Doctor" by Black Sabbath, although according to guitarist Graham Oliver the song was actually inspired by the Ted Nugent song "Cat Scratch Fever".

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