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Turbonegro - Retox (2007)

Turbonegro - Retox (2007)

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"We're Gonna Drop the Atom Bomb" - 3:41
"Welcome to the Garbage Dump" - 1:58
"Hell Toupée" - 3:27
"Stroke the Shaft" - 3:19
"No, I'm Alpha Male" - 3:13
"Do You Do You Dig Destruction" - 3:46
"I Wanna Come" - 3:37
"You Must Bleed/All Night Long" - 2:39
"Hot and Filthy" - 3:15
"Boys from Nowhere" - 3:29
"Everybody Loves a Chubby Dude" - 3:48
"What is Rock?!" - 7:49
"Back In Denim" - 4:10 (Lawrence; originally performed by Denim) (Special Edition Digipak bonus track)
"Into the Void" - 3:05 (Special Edition Digipak bonus track)
"Levelled Karma" (Australian iTunes bonus track)

Turbonegro Band Members
Hank Von Helvete (Hans Erik Dyvik Husby) – vocals
Euroboy (Knut Schreiner) – lead guitar
Rune Rebellion (Rune Grønn) – rhythm guitar
Pål Pot Pamparius (Pål Bottger Kjærnes) – rhythm guitar
Happy-Tom (Thomas Seltzer) – bass guitar
Chris Summers (Christer Engen) – drums

Retox is the Norwegian band Turbonegro's 7th album. This is the first release under the band's newly created Scandinavian Leather Recordings. The album was released on June 11, 2007 in Norway, June 13, 2007 in Sweden, and on June 15, 2007 in the rest of Europe (excluding the UK), it was released on June 23, 2007 in Australia, July 9, 2007 in UK, and finally August 14, 2007 in the United States.

According to Turbonegro Retox is "a nihilistic homo punk metal bikermovie: Full of speed, power, humiliation and freedom!". "Retox is rock music that's been up for 5 days without sleeping, able to see more than most people, but not seeing anything exactly clear."

They have also added: "We survived Grunge, Britpop, House music, Hip Hop, new rock revolution, dance rock, but maybe not new rave..? People say we've been making the same record for 10 years, that's not right. We've been making the same record for 4-5 years."

The club Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, Sweden held a Retox release party on June 15, which also coincided with Hank's 35th birthday. The band was in attendance, equipped with several giveaways and playing some songs.

It is the final Turbonegro album to feature vocalist Hank Von Helvete and drummer Chris Summers.

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