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Moby - Animal Rights (1996)

Moby - Animal Rights (1996)

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1. "Dead Sun"   3:40
2. "Someone to Love"   3:09
3. "Heavy Flow"   1:55
4. "You"   2:33
5. "Now I Let It Go"   2:09
6. "Come On Baby"   4:30
7. "Soft"   3:54
8. "Anima"   2:25
9. "Say It's All Mine"   6:04
10. "That's When I Reach for My Revolver"   3:55
11. "Alone"   10:45
12. "Face It"   10:00
13. "Old"   3:06
14. "Living"   6:58
15. "Love Song for My Mom"   3:38
16. "A Season in Hell"   3:57

Total length: 72:38

Moby – vocals, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, drums, keyboards, production, engineering, mixing
Alan Moulder – engineering, mixing
Hahn Rowe – violin
Artwork and design
Damien Loeb – booklet back cover photography, logo design
Moby – art direction, logo design, photography
Alli Truch – art direction

Animal Rights is the 4th studio album by American musician Moby, released on September 23, 1996. The album was a temporary style shift from the electronica music that Moby had previously released to an alternative rock sound influenced by the hardcore punk music that he had enjoyed as a teenager. The album was released to mediocre critical reviews and commercial performance.

Moby's decision to release a punk rock album was in part the result of being disillusioned by the lack of positive media feedback he had been receiving from the music media for his electronic works, which they struggled to comprehend and failed to take very seriously. Moby had previous experience performing rock music, having been a member of the groups Vatican Commandos and Ultra Vivid Scene in the 1980s.


Richard Melville Hall (born September 11, 1965), also known as Moby, is an American musician, songwriter, singer, producer, and animal rights activist. He has sold 20 million records worldwide. AllMusic considers him to be "among the most important dance music figures of the early 1990s, helping bring dance music to a mainstream audience both in the United Kingdom and the United States".

After taking up guitar and piano at age nine, he played in several underground punk rock bands through the 1980s before turning to electronic dance music. In 1989, he moved to New York City and became a prolific figure as a DJ, producer and remixer. His 1991 single "Go" was his mainstream breakthrough, reaching No. 10 in the United Kingdom. Between 1992 and 1997 he scored eight top 10 hits on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart including "Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)", "Feeling So Real", and "James Bond Theme (Moby Re-Version)". Throughout the decade he also produced music under various pseudonyms, released the critically acclaimed Everything Is Wrong (1995), and composed music for films. His punk-oriented album Animal Rights (1996) alienated much of his fan base.

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