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Pain of Salvation - BE (2004)

Pain of Salvation - BE (2004)

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Pain of Salvation - BE

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01. Animae Partus ("I Am") - A God Is Born ("I Am")   1:48


I Animae Partus

02. Deus Nova - New God   3:18

03. Imago (Homines Partus) - Imago (Man Is Born)   5:11

04. Pluvius Aestivus - Summer Rain   5:00

Of Summer Rain (Homines Fabula Initium) - Of Summer Rain (The Story of Man Begins)

As is evident by the list to the left, the track listing and structure of the album are very detailed and confusing.

II Machinassiah

Of Gods & Slaves

05. Lilium Cruentus (Deus Nova) - Blood Stained Lily (New God)   5:28

On the Loss of Innocence

06. Nauticus (Drifting) - Nauticus (Drifting)   4:58

07. Dea Pecuniae - Goddess of Money   10:09

I Mr. Money

II Permanere

III I Raise My Glass

III Machinageddon

Nemo Idoneus Aderat Qui Responderet

08. Vocari Dei - Messages to God   3:50

Sordes Aetas - Mess Age

09. Diffidentia (Breaching the Core) - Mistrust (Breaching the Core)   7:26

Exitus - Drifting II

10. Nihil Morari - Nothing Remains

(Homines Fabula Finis) - The Story of Man Comes to an End   6:21

IV Machinauticus

Of the Ones With no Hope

11. Latericius Valete - If You Are Strong, Be Strong 2:27

12. Omni - Everything 2:37


13. Iter Impius - Wicked Path 6:21

Martius, son of Mars

Obitus Diutinus

14. Martius/Nauticus II - Martius/Nauticus II 6:41

V Deus Nova Mobile

...and a God is Born

15. Animae Partus II 4:08

Concept, research, original stories, lyrics, narrations and texts by Daniel Gildenlöw. All music by Daniel Gildenlöw, except "Iter Impius" by Fredrik Hermansson. All orchestral arrangements by Daniel Gildenlöw, except "Imago" by Jan Levander and Daniel Gildenlöw and "Iter Impius" by Fredrik Hermansson. News casts, fake interview and other "snipplets" written by Kim Howatt, Jim Howatt and Daniel Gildenlöw.

Pain of Salvation Band Members

Daniel Gildenlöw - Vocals, choirs, voices, harmony vocals; electric and acoustic guitar; mandola; Chinese archo; keyboards; percussion on toms, rototoms, mandola (body), eggs, floors, broken cymbals and what-have-you; samplers and programming.

Fredrik Hermansson - Grand piano, harpsichord and keyboards; percussion on large toms;

Johan Hallgren - Electric and acoustic guitars; harmony vocals; percussion on congas.

Johan Langell - drums; backing vocals; percussion on djembe and cowbell.

Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Bass and Fretless bass; double bass; harmony vocals; percussion on congas.

The Orchestra of Eternity

Mihai Cucu - 1st violin

Camilla Arvidsson - 2nd violin

Kristina Ekman - viola

Magnus Lanning - cello

Åsa Karlberg - flute

Anette Kumlin - oboe

Nils-Åke Pettersson - clarinet

Dries van den Poel - bass clarinet

Sven-Olof Juvas - tuba

Mats Stenlund - church organ

Cecilia Ringkvist - vocals

Donald Morgan - narration

Donald K. Morgan - narration

Alex R. Morgan - narration

Kim Howatt - news reading, Cindy (Sandra!)

Jim Howatt - news reading

Jackie Crotinger - news reading

Ross Crotinger - news reading

Tom Kleich - Mr. Money on radio

Blair Wilson - interviewer on radio, Miss Mediocrety

Gaby Howatt - Miss Mediocrety

Molly Fahey - "There's room for all God's creatures..."

Various people from around the world - voice messages to God

Lars Ardarve - photography

Per Hillblom

Kim Howatt - photography

Jim Howatt - photography

Kristoffer Gildenlöw - photography

Daniel Gildenlöw - photography, artwork, logotypes

BE is the 5th studio album by Swedish band Pain of Salvation, released via InsideOutMusic in September 2004. It is a concept album focusing on the existence of God and humankind. Along with the band it features a nine-part orchestra, The Orchestra of Eternity, which features prominently throughout the album. It is the last album to feature Kristoffer Gildenlöw on bass and is the first Pain of Salvation album to be divided into more than three chapters.

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