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Pain of Salvation - Scarsick (2007)

Pain of Salvation - Scarsick (2007)

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Pain of Salvation - Scarsick

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Side A: His skin against this dirty floor

1. "Scarsick"   7:08

2. "Spitfall" (Introducing Star/Thus Quote the Craving/Redefining Vomatorium/Man of the Masses/YO)   7:17

3. "Cribcaged"   5:56

4. "America"   5:05

5. "Disco Queen" (Tonight I'll Fall/A Cheap Sellout Drug/A Tighter Groove/My Disco Queen)   8:22

Side B: Why can't I close my eyes?

6. "Kingdom of Loss"   6:41

7. "Mrs. Modern Mother Mary"   4:14

8. "Idiocracy"   7:04

9. "Flame to the Moth"   5:58

10. "Enter Rain" (Running/Standing/Falling)   10:03

The band offered an edited version of the album as a download from their official store in 2008. It also featured two new short tracks. Gildenlöw said on the release.

I had this idea about making edits where all of the songs would clock in under 5 minutes each. My absolute first idea was to make a radio edit version of the album, where every song would simply be cut at precisely 3:50 or something, except for the track America, in which we instead would add like 10 minutes of commercials after the "We'll be back after this short break!" phrase. But once I was sitting down with the tracks it became sort of a challenge. Some of the songs I prefer in the original version, but some (like Idiocracy and Mrs Modern Mother Mary for instance) really turned out more like I initially intended them to be, and I prefer them. Also, I could use my original idea for an intro to the album - it was scrapped for the official release since I felt it gave away the TPE1 link way too soon. The Slipsync track uses recurring themes, a trademark POS conceptual instrumental passage, and was originally thought as a Japanese bonus track, but then it felt more right on this edited album version, called SCARSICKER.

1. "Nausea"   0:25

2. "Scarsick"   4:38

3. "Spitfall"   4:56

4. "Cribcaged"   4:26

5. "America"   3:39

6. "Disco Queen"   4:11

7. "Kingdom of Loss"   6:41

8. "Mrs. Modern Mother Mary"   3:52

9. "Idiocracy"   4:52

10. "Flame to the Moth"   4:55

11. "Slipsync"   1:07

12. "Enter Rain"   9:52

Pain of Salvation Band Members

Daniel Gildenlöw - lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, banjos and samplers

Johan Hallgren - guitars, vocals

Fredrik Hermansson - keyboards, samplers

Johan Langell - drums, backing vocals

Scarsick is the 6th studio album by Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation, released on 22 January 2007. It is a concept album focusing on contemporary issues including capitalism, materialism, and consumerism. Scarsick is the last album to feature Johan Langell on drums.

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