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Night Ranger - Dawn Patrol (1982)

Night Ranger - Dawn Patrol (1982)

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Night Ranger - Dawn Patrol

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Side one

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length

1. "Don't Tell Me You Love Me"   4:19

2. "Sing Me Away"   4:09

3. "At Night She Sleeps"   4:08

4. "Call My Name"   3:42

5. "Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight"   4:26

Side two

6. "Can't Find Me a Thrill"   3:19

7. "Young Girl In Love"   3:32

8. "Play Rough"   4:14

9. "Penny"   3:47

10. "Night Ranger"   4:22

Night Ranger Band Members / Musicians

Jack Blades - bass, lead vocals

Jeff Watson - guitars

Brad Gillis - guitars

Alan Fitzgerald - keyboards

Kelly Keagy - drums, lead vocals

Pat Glasser - producer

John VanNest - engineer

Mike Beard - effects

Dawn Patrol is the debut studio album by Night Ranger; it was released on November 1, 1982, by MCA Records.

Night Ranger is an American hard rock band from San Francisco formed in 1979 that gained popularity during the 1980s with a series of albums and singles. The band's first five albums sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and have sold 17 million albums total. The quintet is best known for the power ballad "Sister Christian", which peaked at number five in June 1984.

Night Ranger Band Members / Musicians

Kelly Keagy – drums, percussion, lead and backing vocals (1982–1989, 1991–present)

Brad Gillis – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals (1982–1989, 1991–present)

Jack Blades – bass, lead and backing vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitars (1982–1989, 1996–present)

Eric Levy – keyboards, synthesizers, piano, backing vocals (2011–present)

Keri Kelli – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals (2014–present; touring appearances in 2012 and 2013)

Night Ranger Discography Full

Dawn Patrol (1982)

Midnight Madness (1983)

7 Wishes (1985)

Big Life (1987)

Man in Motion (1988)

Feeding off the Mojo (1995)

Neverland (1997)

Seven (1998)

Hole in the Sun (2007)

Somewhere in California (2011)

High Road (2014)

Don't Let Up (2017)

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