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Charlie Daniels - Simple Man (1989)

Charlie Daniels - Simple Man (1989)

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Charlie Daniels - Simple Man
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"(What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks" (Charlie Daniels, Taz DiGregorio, Charles Hayward, Jack Gavin) - 3:44

"Was It 26" (Don Sampson) - 3:50

"Oh Atlanta" (Daniels, DiGregorio, Hayward, Gavin) - 3:19

"Midnight Wind" - (Daniels, Tom Crain, DiGregorio, Hayward, Gavin) - 3:20

"Saturday Night Down South" (Daniels, DiGregorio, Gavin, Hayward) - 3:04

"Play Me Some Fiddle" (Daniels, DiGregorio, Hayward, Gavin) - 4:25

"Simple Man" (Daniels, DiGregorio, Hayward, Gavin) - 3:24

"Old Rock 'N Roller" (Daniels, DiGregorio, Hayward, Gavin) - 2:58

"Mister DJ" - (Daniels, Crain, DiGregario, Hayward, Gavin) - 3:52

"It's My Life" - (Daniels, Crain, DiGregorio, Fred Edwards, Hayward, Don Murray) - 3:32


The Charlie Daniels Band Members / Musicians
Charlie Daniels - Guitar, fiddle, vocals
Bruce Ray Brown - Guitar, vocals
Taz DiGregorio - keyboards
Julian King - trumpet
Jack Gavin - drums, percussion
Charles Hayward - Bass

Producer: James Stroud
Engineer: Lynn Peterzell
Assisted by: Julian King, Tom Oates
Cover photographer: David Michael Kennedy

Catalog number
CD Catalog Number: Epic Records EK 45316

Simple Man is the 16th studio album by Charlie Daniels and the thirteenth as the Charlie Daniels Band, released on October 17, 1989. The album's most memorable song is the titular song, "Simple Man", which is not related to the Lynyrd Skynyrd song of the same name. "It's My Life" is a shorter version of a jam song previously released on their 1976 album, Saddle Tramp.

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