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Gong - Acid Motherhood (2004)) (with Acid Mothers Temple)

Gong - Acid Motherhood (2004) (with Acid Mothers Temple)

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Gong - Acid Motherhood (2004) (with Acid Mothers Temple)

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"Ocean of Molasses" (O. Allen, Bradbridge, Kawabata, Pollock) – 0:32

"Supercotton" (O. Allen, Kawabata, Pollock, D. Allen) – 8:36

Gilli Smyth – vocals

"Olde Fooles Game" (Sheehan, D. Allen) – 2:08

"Zeroina" (D. Allen, Howlett) – 2:56

"Brainwash Me" (Pollock, D. Allen) – 3:58

"Monstah!" (Pollock) – 2:31

Greg Sheehan – percussion

"Bible Study" (Das Ubuibi) – 0:30

"Bazuki Logix" (Kawabata) – 4:15

"Waving" (Pollock, D. Allen) – 4:05

"Makototen" (Kawabata, Pollock, O. Allen) – 13:36

"Schwitless in Molasses" (O. Allen, Pollock, Kawabata) – 4:36

Kurt Schwitters – voice

Gong Band Members / Musicians

Daevid Allen – guitar, vocals

Kawabata Makoto – guitar, bouzouki

Josh Pollock – guitar, drums

Cotton Casino – synthesizer, voice

Dharmawan Bradbridge – bass

Orlando Allen – drums

Former and future Gong

Gilli Smyth – space whisper (2)

Guest musicians

Greg Sheehan – hang (3), percussion (6)

Kurt Schwitters – voice (11)

Orlando Allen – executive producer

Zubin Henner – producer, engineer

Toby Allen – cover design

Acid Motherhood is the 11th studio album by Gong and the eighth album by the Daevid Allen version of the group, released in 2004. The line-up on this album consists of a merger of latter-day Gong, with members of University of Errors (guitarist Josh Pollock), and Acid Mothers Temple (Kawabata Makoto and Cotton Casino). It is the only Gong studio album not to include saxophone and to include three guitarists.

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