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Gong - Zero to Infinity (2000)

Gong - Zero to Infinity (2000)

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Gong - Zero to Infinity

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"Foolefare" (Allen, Travis) − 0:42

"Magdalene" (Allen, Howlett, Malherbe, Taylor) − 3:58

"The Invisible Temple" (Allen, Howlett, Malherbe, Smyth, Taylor, Travis) − 11:35

"Zeroid" (Allen, Howlett, Smyth) − 6:08

"Wise Man in Your Heart" (Allen, Howlett, Pierre Moerlen) − 8:04

"The Mad Monk" (Allen, Howlett, Taylor, Travis) − 3:25

"Yoni on Mars" (Smyth, Travis) − 6:07

"Damaged Man" (Allen, Howlett, Taylor, Travis) − 5:13

"Bodilingus "(Allen, Howlett, Taylor, Travis) − 4:03

"Tali's Song" (Allen) − 6:25

"Infinitea" (Allen, Howlett, Smyth, Taylor, Travis) − 7:48


Gong Band Members / Musicians

Daevid Allen − Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Artwork, Electronics

Mike Howlett − Bass, Guitar (Electric)

Didier Malherbe − Sax (Alto), Doudouk, Bamboo Flute

Gilli Smyth − Vocals, Space Whisper, Bird Calls

Chris Taylor − Percussion, Drums, Cowbell

Theo Travis − Organ, Flute, Keyboards, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Theremin, Electronics, Drones, Loop

Mark Robson − Keyboards, Background Vocals

Zero to Infinity (02∞) is the 10th studio album by Gong and the seventh album by the Daevid Allen version of the group, released in 2000. Like their 1992 album Shapeshifter, it continues the Gong mythology, the central part of which was formed with the Radio Gnome Trilogy of albums, comprising Flying Teapot in 1973, followed by Angel's Egg, 1973, and You in 1974.

Zero the Hero died on Shapeshifter. Zero to Infinity sees his spirit enjoying a body-free and virtual existence. During the course of this he becomes an android spheroid Zeroid. With the help of a strange animal called a gongalope, he learns that all the wisdom of the world exists within him and practices Lafta yoga and tea making. At the end he becomes one with an Invisible Temple and has much fun.

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