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Ringo Starr - Choose Love (2005)

Ringo Starr - Choose Love (2005)

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Ringo Starr - Choose Love

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1. "Fading In Fading Out"   3:55

2. "Give Me Back the Beat"   3:53

3. "Oh My Lord"   5:32

4. "Hard to Be True"   3:27

5. "Some People"   3:17

6. "Wrong All the Time"   3:30

7. "Don't Hang Up" (featuring Chrissie Hynde)   3:27

8. "Choose Love"   3:07

9. "Me and You"   2:15

10. "Satisfied"   3:19

11. "The Turnaround"   3:54

12. "Free Drinks"   4:45

Ringo Starr Band Members / Musicians

Ringo Starr – drums, percussion, vocals, intro/outro demo tape on "Oh My Lord", organ, loop on "Free Drinks"

Mark Hudson – bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, sax arrangement, harmonica

Gary Burr – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals, bass, slide guitar

Mark Mirando – electric guitar, backing vocals

Dan Higgins – horns, saxes, woodwinds

Gary Grant – horns

Jim Cox – horn arrangement, piano, sax arrangement, woodwind arrangement

Robert Randolph – lead guitar

Steve Dudas – electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Billy Preston – piano, B3 organ, backing vocals on "Hard to Be True"

The Rose Stone Choir – backing vocals on "Oh My Lord"

Rose Stone – choir arrangement on "Oh My Lord"

Ringo Starr, Mark Hudson, Gary Burr – uboo drum band on "Hard to Be True"

John Amato – saxes

Chrissie Hynde  – lead vocals on "Don't Hang Up"

Barbara Bach – devil voice on "The Turnaround"

Dean Grakal – background vocals on "The Turnaround"

Ringo Starr, Mark Hudson – producers

Bruce Sugar – recording

Kevin Churko, Gary Burr, Steve Dudas – additional recording

Dave Way – mixing

Lior Goldenberg, Ghian Wright, Andy Brohard – assistant engineers

George Marino – mastering

Tyrone Drake – art direction, design

Barbara Starkey – cover photo

Ringo Starr, Barbara Starkey, Mark Hudson, Gary Burr, Edward AJAJ, Teness Herman – additional photos

Choose Love is the 14th studio album by Ringo Starr, released in 2005.

Recorded throughout 2004 into 2005, using the same team that created Vertical Man (1998) and Ringo Rama (2003), Starr produced the set with longtime musical partner Mark Hudson and performed it with their studio team. The title track has a Beatles-like "Day Tripper" guitar riff with a coda similar to "The Word" and mentions the Beatles songs "The Long and Winding Road", "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "What Goes On". As ever, a Starr album would be lacking if it did not include some celebrity guests and Choose Love does not deviate from the formula; it features Billy Preston and Chrissie Hynde as its most notable guests.

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