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Ringo Starr - Ringo Rama (2003)

Ringo Starr - Ringo Rama (2003)

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Ringo Starr - Ringo Rama

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1. "Eye to Eye"   3:19

2. "Missouri Loves Company"   3:33

3. "Instant Amnesia"   5:12

4. "Memphis in Your Mind"   3:13

5. "Never Without You"   5:24

6. "Imagine Me There"   3:55

7. "I Think Therefore I Rock and Roll"   3:25

8. "Trippin' on My Own Tears"   3:31

9. "Write One for Me" (featuring Willie Nelson)   3:14

10. "What Love Wants to Be"   3:03

11. "Love First, Ask Questions Later"   4:45

12. "Elizabeth Reigns"   3:57

13. "English Garden" (features a verse from the Wings song "Let 'Em In"; includes a short hidden track entitled 'I Really Love Her')   3:17

Bonus tracks

14. "Blink"   2:52

15. "OK Ray"   3:02

16. "I'm Home"   3:23

Ringo Starr Band Members / Musicians

Ringo Starr – drums, percussion, lead vocal, keyboards, electric guitar, megamouth, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, bass, background vocal

Gary Burr – bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, electric guitar, guitar solo on "What Love Wants to Be"

Steve Dudas – electric guitar, guitar solos on "Eye to Eye", "Instant Amnesia"

Mark Hudson – electric guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, mellotron, Wurlitzer organ

Sarah Hudson, Nicole Renee Harris, Christina Rumbley, Jack Blades, Sophia Sunseri – backing vocals on "Eye to Eye"

Jim Cox – Wurlitzer organ, B3 organ, piano

David Gilmour – guitar solos on "Missouri Loves Company" and "I Think Therefore I Rock and Roll"

Herb Pederson – banjo

Dan Higgins – saxes, flute, clarinet

Timothy B. Schmit – backing vocals on "Missouri Loves Company", "Instant Amnesia", "Memphis in Your Mind", and "Write One for Me"

Charlie Haden – upright bass

Gary S. Grant – trumpet, piccolo trumpet

Roy Orbison – mercy growl

Eric Clapton – guitar solos on "Never Without You" and "Imagine Me There"

Gary Nicholson – twelve string acoustic guitar

Paul Santo – electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Sarah Hudson, Christina Rumbley, Nicole Renee Harris, Victoria Shaw, Adam Ray, Mark O'Shea, John O'Shea, Jack Blades – backing vocals on "I Think Therefore I Rock and Roll"

Cliff Downs – acoustic guitar

Mickey Raphael – harmonica, bass harmonica

Shawn Colvin – guest vocal on "Trippin' on My Own Tears"

Jay Dee Maness – pedal steel

Willie Nelson – guest vocal on "Write One for Me"

Van Dyke Parks – accordion on "What Love Wants to Be", "Elizabeth Reigns" and "English Garden"

Dean Grakal – acoustic guitar

Grant Geissman – dobro

Barbara Starkey, Buster, Monly, Mr. B, sleeping birdies – background on "English Garden"

Mark Hudson, Ringo Starr – producers

Paul Santo, Bruce Sugar – recording

Tim LeBlanc, Steve Dudas – additional recording

Dave Way – mixing

Tim LeBlanc, Damon Iddins, Matt Marrin – assistant engineers

Josh Rosenberg, Amy Galland – production coordinators

George Marino – mastering

Jim Cox – string and horn arrangements

Tyrone Drake – art direction and design

Ringo Starr, Barbara Starkey, Mark Hudson, Dean Grakal – photos

Mark Hudson – cover illustration

Brent Carpenter, John Franck – DVD editing and design

Ringorama is the 13th studio album by Ringo Starr, released in 2003.

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