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Tangerine Dream - Cyclone (1978)

Tangerine Dream - Cyclone (1978)

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Tangerine Dream - Cyclone
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Side one
1. "Bent Cold Sidewalk"  13:05
2. "Rising Runner Missed by Endless Sender"   5:00

Side two
1. "Madrigal Meridian"   20:28

Tangerine Dream Band Members / Musicians

Edgar Froese – synthesizers, Mellotron, Moog synthesizer, electric guitars, acoustic guitar

Christopher Franke – Moog, music sequencer, mellotron, synthesizers, electronic drum

Steve Jolliffe – vocals, flute, piccolo, cor anglais, bass clarinet, Hohner clavinet, synthesizers, grand piano, Fender Rhodes, tenor horns, soprano horns, lyricon

Klaus Krüger – polyester custom-built drums with multi-trigger unit, electronic drum, Paiste cymbals, bubims, Burma gong set

Cyclone is the 11th major release and 8th studio album by Tangerine Dream and the first in their canon to feature proper vocals and lyrics. The cover is a painting by band leader Edgar Froese.

Other Tangerine Dream albums to later include vocals are Tyger (1987), Madcap's Flaming Duty (2007) and Under Cover – Chapter One (2010). Cyclone reached number 37 on the UK album charts.

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