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Zebra - Zebra (1983)

Zebra - Zebra (1983)

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Zebra - Zebra

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1. "Tell Me What You Want"   3:51

2. "One More Chance"   3:16

3. "Slow Down"   3:25

4. "As I Said Before"   2:56

5. "Who's Behind the Door?"   5:09

6. "When You Get There"   2:56

7. "Take Your Fingers from My Hair"   7:20

8. "Don't Walk Away"   3:35

9. "The La La Song"   6:12

Zebra Band Members / Musicians

Randy Jackson – guitar, lead vocals, piano, Mellotron, synthesizer, percussion

Felix Hanemann – bass, backing vocals, keyboards, strings

Guy Gelso – drums, backing vocals, percussion

Jack Douglas – keyboards (6), percussion (6)

Mike Grossman – piano (3)

Eric Troyer – Prophet synthesizer (7)

Karen Alta – percussion (3) [3]


Jack Douglas

Zebra is the debut album by the American hard rock band Zebra, released in 1983, eight years after they were founded. The album features all original material, with the exception of "Slow Down" (a Larry Williams tune best remembered for a 1964 cover version by the Beatles) injected at mid-song with much of the second stanza of Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes", altered at its end.

Zebra is a hard rock band founded in 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It features Randy Jackson (guitar and vocals), Felix Hanemann (bass, keyboards and vocals) and Guy Gelso (drums and vocals).

In the early 1970s, Jackson and Hanemann played together in a group called Shepherd's Bush, but in 1974 they left Shepherd's Bush and founded a new band with Gelso on drums. The group initially was a cover band, playing Led Zeppelin and other technically proficient rock groups such as Yes, Jethro Tull, and Pink Floyd. In 1975, the group adopted the name Zebra after seeing a cover of the magazine Vogue featuring a woman riding a zebra. Initially based in New Orleans, they increasingly played more often on Long Island, and eventually all three members moved there to pursue success. They had introduced their original material into their cover sets years before they were signed to Atlantic Records, including "The La La Song", "Free" and "Bears" (originally entitled "The Bears are Hibernating").

Zebra Band Members / Musicians

Randy Jackson – Lead vocals, guitars, percussion, keyboards, synthesizer, mellotron, piano (1975–present)

Felix Hanemann – Bass, strings, keyboards, synthesizer vocals (1975–present)

Guy Gelso – Drums, percussion, vocals (1975–present)

Zebra Discography Full

Zebra (1983) (Gold) U.S. No. 29[7]

No Tellin' Lies (1984) U.S. No. 84[7]

3.V (1986)

Zebra IV (2003)

Live albums

Live (1990)

King Biscuit Flower Hour (1999)

Compilation albums

The Best of Zebra: In Black and White (1998)

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