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Joe Lynn Turner - Second Hand Life (2007)

Joe Lynn Turner - Second Hand Life (2007)

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"Your Love Is Life" (Joe Lynn Turner, Tor Talle, Deanna Johnston) – 4:39

"Got Me Where You Want Me" (Martin Briley) – 3:19

"Second Hand Life" (Turner, Jim Peterik) – 4:34

"In Your Eyes" (Turner, Karl Cochran, Jaime Kyle) – 4:55

"Blood Red Sky" (Turner, Cochran, Bob Held) – 5:57

"Stroke of Midnight" (Ritchie Blackmore, Turner, Peterik, Roger Glover) – 4:48

"Over the Top" (Turner, Cochran, Steve Johnstad) – 4:25

"Cruel" (Turner) – 3:48

"Sweet Obsession" (Turner, Jack Ponti) – 3:45

"Love Is on Our Side" (Turner, Aleks de Carvalho) – 4:46

"Two Lights" (bonus track) (Turner, Aleks de Carvalho) - 5:04

Joe Lynn Turner Band Members / Musicians

Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals

Karl Cochran: Guitars, Bass on tracks 1,4,5,7,9,10,11

Bob Held - bass on tracks 2, 3, 6, and 8

Michael Cartellone - drums

Gary Corbett - keyboards

Second Hand Life is the 10th solo studio album by Joe Lynn Turner. The album features songs written by artists like Jim Peterik and Martin Briley.

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