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Cake - Pressure Chief (2004)

Cake - Pressure Chief (2004)

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1. "Wheels"   3:18

2. "No Phone"   3:52

3. "Take It All Away"   3:58

4. "Dime"   3:37

5. "Carbon Monoxide"   3:10

6. "The Guitar Man"   3:54

7. "Waiting"   3:56

8. "She'll Hang the Baskets"   2:43

9. "End of the Movie"   1:50

10. "Palm of Your Hand" 2:57

11. "Tougher Than It Is"   3:00

Japan bonus tracks

12. "Carbon Monoxide" (Karaoke Version)   3:10

13. "No Phone" (Karaoke Version)   3:10

14. "Wheels" (Karaoke Version)   3:17

15. "Take It All Away" (Karaoke Version)   3:57


Cake Band Members / Musicians

John McCrea – acoustic guitar, keyboard, percussion, lead vocals, cover design

Vince DiFiore – trumpet, melodica, keyboard, percussion, background vocals

Xan McCurdy – electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, background vocals

Gabe Nelson – bass, keyboard, drums, electric and acoustic guitar, background vocals

Tyler Pope (!!!) – additional keyboard, percussion and guitar (on "No Phone", "Dime", "The Guitar Man", and "Palm Of Your Hand")

Chuck Prophet – electric guitar (on "She'll Hang The Baskets")

Paulo Baldi – drums (on "No Phone", and "Carbon Monoxide")

Matt McCord – drums (on "The Guitar Man")

Todd Roper – drums on (on "She'll Hang The Baskets", and "Tougher Than It Is")

Greg Vincent – pedal steel guitar (on "She'll Hang The Baskets", and "Palm Of Your Hand")

Cake – Arranger, Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Craig Long – Engineer, Mixing

Mark Needham – Engineer, Mixing

Patrick Olguin – Engineer, Mixing

Kirt Shearer – Engineer, Mixing

Don C. Tyler – Mastering

Pressure Chief is the 5th studio album by American band Cake. It was released on October 5, 2004, pushed back from its original August release date. It was produced by the band and recorded in a converted house in Sacramento. The lead single, "No Phone" peaked at #13 on the U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. The second single "Carbon Monoxide" garnered some airplay but failed to crack the Modern Rock Tracks top 40. The album was the band's second and last record under Columbia Records.

The songs "She'll Hang the Baskets" and "Tougher Than It Is" were both originally written for Cake's 1998 record Prolonging the Magic. A bonus disc, Extra Value, was included in limited pre-orders of Pressure Chief.

On its opening week, Pressure Chief sold about 46,000 copies, debuting and peaking at number 17 on the Billboard 200. However, it fell to #55 the following week.

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