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Diamanda Galas (with Jim French and Henry Kaiser) - If Looks Could Kill (1979)

Diamanda Galas (with Jim French and Henry Kaiser) - If Looks Could Kill (1979)

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Side one

1. "Picornponia"   1:00

2. "Lament"   1:00

3. "Saltarello"   0:50

4. "The Human Fancier's"   2:50

5. "Nobody Knows You"   2:05

6. "The Maple Leaf Rag"   1:25

7. "Infrapolatia"   5:15

8. "Wolftraum"   6:00

Side two

1. "Looks Could Kill"   8:35

2. "Envelope Please"   4:15

3. "Horses in Trouble"   3:00

4. "Flag Day"   3:00

5. "Having a Party"   1:00

6. "Pillow Talk"   3:15

Diamantia Galas Band Members / Musicians

Jim French – soprano saxophone, sopranino saxophone, pan flute, pibcorn, electronics

Diamanda Galás – vocals (B1–B6)

Henry Kaiser – electric guitar (B1–B6), production, engineering

Production and additional personnel

Phil Brown – mastering

Rolf Erickson – engineering

Dan Kyle – engineering

Kent Strother – photography

If Looks Could Kill is the 1st and only studio album by avant-garde jazz musician Jim French, released in 1979 by Headhunter Records. It is one of composer Diamanda Galás' earliest musical recordings.

Diamanda Galás (born August 29, 1955) is an American musician and visual artist.

Her commitment to addressing social issues and her involvement in collective action has made her concentrate on themes as diverse as the AIDS epidemic, mental illness, despair, loss of dignity, as well as political injustice, historical revisionism and war crimes, among much else. Galás has attracted the attention of the press particularly for her voice – a soprano sfogato – and written accounts that describe her work as original and thought-provoking refer to her as "capable of the most unnerving vocal terror", an "aesthetic revolutionary", "a mourner for the world's victims" and "an envoy of risk, honesty and commitment".

As a composer, pianist, organist and performance artist, Galás has presented mainly her own work, but her live performances have also included works by other musicians, such as the avant-garde composers Iannis Xenakis and Vinko Globokar, jazz musician Bobby Bradford, saxophonist John Zorn, and Led Zeppelin bassist, John Paul Jones. Galás's recordings have also included collaborations, some of which are with the bands Recoil and Erasure, instrumentalist Barry Adamson, and musician Can Oral (also known as Khan), among others.

Diamandia Galas Band Members / Musicians

Studio albums

1979 – If Looks Could Kill (with Jim French and Henry Kaiser)

1982 – The Litanies of Satan

1984 – Diamanda Galas

1986 – The Divine Punishment

1986 – Saint of the Pit

1988 – You Must Be Certain of the Devil

1992 – The Singer

1994 – The Sporting Life (with John Paul Jones)

2003 – Defixiones: Will and Testament

2017 – All the Way

2020 - De-formation: Piano Variations

Compilation albums

1989 – Masque of the Red Death

Live performance albums

1991 – Plague Mass

1993 – Vena Cava

1996 – Schrei x

1998 – Malediction and Prayer

2003 – La serpenta canta

2008 – Guilty Guilty Guilty

2017 – At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem

Long-form videos

1986 – The Litanies of Satan (VHS)

1993 – Judgement Day (VHS)

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