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Diamanda Galas - The Litanies of Satan (1982)

Diamanda Galas - The Litanies of Satan (1982)

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Side one

1. "The Litanies of Satan"   17:48

Side two

1. "Wild Women with Steak-Knives (The Homicidal Love Song for Solo Scream)"   12:04

Diamanda Galas Band Members / Musicians

Diamanda Galás — vocals; tape and electronics on side one

Dick O’Dell — executive production

Dave Hunt — production, engineering on side one

Durand Rene Legault — recording, engineering assistant on side two

Richard Zvonar — engineering on side two

Will Gullette — photography

Martyn Lambert — design

The Litanies of Satan is the debut album by American avant-garde artist Diamanda Galás, released in the United Kingdom by Y Records in 1982, it was released in her home country in 1989.

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