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Faith No More - Introduce Yourself (1987)

Faith No More - Introduce Yourself (1987)

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1. "Faster Disco"   4:16

2. "Anne's Song"   4:46

3. "Introduce Yourself"   1:32

4. "Chinese Arithmetic"   4:37

5. "Death March"   3:02

6. "We Care a Lot"   4:02

7. "R n' R"   3:11

8. "The Crab Song"   5:52

9. "Blood"   3:42

10. "Spirit"   2:52

Faith No More Band Members / Musicians

Mike Bordin – drums, congas, backing vocals

Roddy Bottum – keyboards, backing vocals

Billy Gould – bass, backing vocals

Jim Martin – guitar, backing vocals

Chuck Mosley – lead vocals

Steve Berlin – producer

Matt Wallace – producer, engineer

Jim "Watts" Verecke – assistant engineer

John Golden – mastering

Lendon Flanagan – photography

Bob Biggs – artwork

Jeff Price – artwork

Introduce Yourself is Faith No More's 2nd album, released in 1987. Due to the limited availability of the first album, We Care a Lot (until it was re-released on CD years later), many, including the band, once considered this Faith No More's true debut album. Being the group's major label debut, this album features better production than its predecessor, which is most evident on this album's version of the song "We Care a Lot," which also features updated, more topical, lyrics. It was the last album Chuck Mosley appeared on with the band.

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