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Nitty Gritty Dirt - Symphonion Dream (1975)

Nitty Gritty Dirt - Symphonion Dream (1975)

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"Winter White (Wind Harp)" (Jimmie Fadden) - 1:17

"Raleigh-Durham Reel" (John McEuen, Jeff Hanna, James Ibbotson, Jimmie Fadden) – 3:31

"The Battle of New Orleans" (Jimmy Driftwood) – 3:55

"Bayou Jubilee" (Jeff Hanna) – 2:47

"Sally Was a Goodun" (John McEuen, Jeff Hanna, James Ibbotson, Jimmie Fadden) – 0:44

"Hey Good Lookin'" (Hank Williams) – 1:50

"Classical Banjo 1/Malaguena/Classical Banjo 2" (John McEuen, Ernesto Lecuona) – 3:27

"Daddy Was a Sailor" (Jimmie Fadden) – 2:54

"Sleeping on the Beach" (Jimmie Fadden) – 1:32

"Santa Monica Pier" (John McEuen) – 2:50

"Ripplin' Waters" (James Ibbotson) – 5:55

"All I Have to Do is Dream" (Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant) – 3:51

"Mother of Love" (Ken Edwards) – 2:43

"The Moon Just Turned Blue" (J.D. Souther) – 2:43

"Got To Travel On" (Paul Clayton, Larry Ehrlich, Dave Lazar) – 1:05

"Joshua Come Home" (James Ibbotson) - 3:32

"Solstice (Wind Harp)" (James Ibbotson) - 1:24

"Symphonion Montage" (James Ibbotson) – :54

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Members / Musicians

John McEuen - guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, steel guitar, vocals

Jimmie Fadden - guitar, harmonica, drums, vocals

Jeff Hanna - guitar, drums, vocals

Jimmy Ibbotson - guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals

Les Thompson - bass, guitar, vocals

Leon Russell - piano, keyboards, synthesizer, drums, chimes, gourd, vocals

Linda Ronstadt - vocals

Gary Busey - drums, timbales, bells, cowbell

Paul Harris - piano

Alice McEuen - background vocals

Kae McEuen - background vocals

Rae Hanna - background vocals

Jim Ratts - background vocals

Mary McCreary - background vocals

Mary Stevens - background vocals

Symphonion Dream is the 9th album from The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They were joined by guest musicians Leon Russell and Linda Ronstadt, along with actor Gary Busey, who was credited as "Teddy Jack Eddy", and played various percussion instruments.

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