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The Groundhogs - Who Will Save the World? (1972)

The Groundhogs - Who Will Save the World? (1972)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Earth Is Not Room Enough" - 4:48

"Wages of Peace" - 4:37

"Body in Mind" - 3:50

"Music is the Food of Thought" - 4:38

"Bog Roll Blues" - 3:09

"Death of the Sun" - 2:52

"Amazing Grace" (Traditional) - 2:24

"The Grey Maze" - 10:09


The Groundhogs Band Members / Musicians

Tony McPhee – guitars, mellotron, harmonium, vocals

Peter Cruikshank – bass

Ken Pustelnik – drums

Martin Birch, Louis Austin - engineer

Neal Adams - artwork

Who Will Save the World? The Mighty Groundhogs is a 1972 blues rock album recorded by The Groundhogs, originally released by United Artists Records in 1972, catalogue number UAS-5570. The most recent CD reissue is that of 2003 by EMI Records, catalogue number 07243-584815-2-5.

The sleeve artwork takes the form of a comic book featuring the Groundhogs depicted as superheroes, drawn by comic book artist Neal Adams. In the story they fight the personified evils of Over-Population, Pollution and the Warmongers of Politics and Religion. Each of the band members takes on a different evil thwarting them to begin with only to have them spin off and wreak havoc on another portion of the globe. The lyrics of each song deal with these themes and despite the comic-book nature of the cover, the lyrics are quite serious being politically and socially motivated.

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