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The B-52's - Mesopotamia (EP, 1982)

The B-52's - Mesopotamia (EP, 1982)

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Side one
1. "Loveland"   5:00
2. "Deep Sleep"   3:30
3. "Mesopotamia"   3:51

Side two
1. "Cake"   5:48
2. "Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can"   4:30
3. "Nip It in the Bud"   3:32

The B-52's Band Members / Musicians
Fred Schneider – vocals, cowbell
Ricky Wilson – lead guitar, bass guitar,
Keith Strickland – drums, keyboards, rhythm guitar, percussion
Kate Pierson – vocals, keyboards, bass guitar
Cindy Wilson – vocals, percussion

David Byrne – fretless bass, rhythm guitar, percussion, synthesizer
Charles Rocket – accordion
Ralph Carney – saxophone
Roberto Arron – saxophone
David Buck – trumpet
Yogi Horton – drums
Steve Scales – percussion

Butch Jones – engineer
Simon Levy – art direction, design
Desiree Rohr – illustration

Mesopotamia is an EP by American new wave band the B-52's. It was produced by David Byrne of Talking Heads and was originally planned to be the band's 3rd studio album. Due to conflicts with Byrne and record label pressure, recording sessions were aborted prematurely and only six of ten songs to be completed were released. The record was distributed as a 12" EP by Warner Bros. in the U.S. and by Island Records on vinyl and cassette in the UK and other non-US markets.

Mesopotamia is considered a departure in style for the B-52's[by whom?], with Byrne and the band adding additional instruments, vocal overdubs, horns, synthesizers and layered percussion. A larger emphasis was placed on production after the raw sound of their debut album, The B-52's, and the slightly more produced sound of their second album, Wild Planet.

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