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Beatsteaks - Living Targets (2002)

Beatsteaks - Living Targets (2002)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Not Ready to Rock" (Teutoburg, Götz, Kurtzke) – 1:27

"God Knows" (Teutoburg, Baumann) – 2:32

"Let Me In" (Teutoburg, Baumann) – 3:32

"Soothe Me" (Götz) – 2:30

"Above Us" (Teutoburg, Kurtzke, Baumann, Götz) – 3:03

"This One" (Teutoburg, Baumann) – 2:47

"Disconnected" (Teutoburg, Kurtzke, Baumann) – 3:05

"A-Way" (Götz, Scholz) – 3:40

"Mirrored" (Kurtzke, Scholz) – 3:48

"Run Run" (Teutoburg, Baumann) – 2:55

"To Be Strong" (Teutoburg) – 2:49

"Summer" (Teutoburg, Baumann, Götz, Kurtzke) – 6:40

Track 12 is only actually 3:25, the remainder is a hidden track, "Yeah!"

Beatsteaks Band Members / Musicians

Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß – vocals, guitar

Peter Baumann – guitar

Bernd Kurtzke – guitar

Torsten Scholz – bass

Thomas Götz – drums

Alexander Freund – cello on "Mirrored"

Pamela Falcone – backing vocals on "Yeah!"

Engineered by Gerd Krueger

Assistant engineered by Torsten Otto

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12

Recorded and mixed at Minirock Studio, Cologne, Germany

Produced by Uwe Sabirowsky

Tracks 2, 5, 7, 8, 10

Recorded at Tritonus, Berlin, Germany

Produced by Billy Gould

Living Targets is the 3td album from German punk rock band, Beatsteaks. It was released in August, 2002 on Epitaph Records as was previous album, Launched, in 2000. There was one line-up change from the previous album – Torsten Scholz took over bass duties from Alexander Roßwaag. The album featured more hard rock tracks than previous efforts, including songs which were far slower and more melodic and structured. It aided the band's breakthrough into the mainstream which was completed on 2004's Smack Smash – released on Epitaph Records and WEA.

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