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Finger Eleven - Finger Eleven (2003)

Finger Eleven - Finger Eleven (2003)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Other Light"   2:51

2. "Complicated Questions"   3:16

3. "Stay in Shadow"   3:15

4. "Good Times"   3:55

5. "Absent Elements"   4:00

6. "Thousand Mile Wish"   4:59

7. "Conversations"   3:34

8. "The Last Scene of Struggling"   3:15

9. "Panic Attack"   3:32

10. "Therapy"   4:49

11. "One Thing"   4:39

12. "Obvious Heart"   4:20

Total length:   46:25


"Unspoken" – 3:37

"Wake Up Demons" – 2:16

"Murder My Mind's Eye" – 4:18

"Tearing Disguises" – 6:17

"Sad Exchange" (from Daredevil: The Album soundtrack) — 3:32

Finger Eleven Band Members / Musicians

Scott Anderson - vocals

James Black - guitar, vocals

Rick Jackett - guitar

Sean Anderson - bass

Rich Beddoe - drums

Finger Eleven is the eponymous 3rd dstudio album by the Canadian rock band Finger Eleven from Burlington, Ontario. The sounds on this album range from grunge and prog-rock to Electric Six-style disco metal. Because of its commercial success, they were welcomed to the SnoCore 2004 tour. "One Thing" became the biggest single from this record, reaching 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also played consistently on rock radio and MTV. Some of the songs have been featured in various EA games including "Stay in Shadow" (Burnout 3) and "Good Times" (SSX3). In a similar vein, "Other Light", "Conversations", and "Good Times" have all appeared in the GameCube game 1080° Avalanche.

During the recording of this album, there were rumors of the band breaking up. Finger Eleven then posted a cell-phone number for fans to call at any point, twenty-four hours a day, to talk to anyone in the group.

There was a limited edition version of the CD, which came with a bonus DVD featuring the "Good Times" music video, studio footage, and a live concert video.

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