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Prism - Live Tonite (1978)

Prism - Live Tonite (1978)

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"See Forever Eyes" (Lindsay Mitchell, John Hall) - 4:57

"Take Me to the Kaptin" (Jim Vallance) - 4:12

"Open Soul Surgery" (J. Vallance) - 4:20

"Freewill" (Tom Lavin) - 4:23

"Vladivostok" (J. Vallance) - 5:45

"You're Like The Wind" (J. Vallance) - 3:45

"Flyin'" (Al Harlow) - 6:01

"Nickels and Dimes" (L. Mitchell, A. Harlow) - 5:45

"Spaceship Superstar" (J. Vallance) - 4:17

"N-N-N-No!" (J. Vallance) - 3:47


Prism Band Members / Musicians

Lindsay Mitchell – lead guitar, backing vocals

Ron Tabak – lead vocals

John Hall – keyboards, backing vocals

Al Harlow – bass, slide guitar, backing vocals

Rocket Norton – drums

Ralph Eppel — trombone

Bruce Fairbairn — trumpet

Live Tonite is a live album recorded by Canadian Rock Band Prism in 1978 at Detroit's Royal Oak Music Theater. The album features songs from Prism's first two studio albums "Prism" and "See Forever Eyes". The album was originally released on a special blue vinyl LP as well as black vinyl LP.

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