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Prism - Young and Restless (1980)

Prism - Young and Restless (1980)

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"American Music" (Lindsay Mitchell) - 3:59

"Young and Restless" (Al Harlow, Mitchell) - 3:25

"Satellite" (Harlow, Mitchell) - 3:36

"Party Line" (Mitchell) - 3:08

"Acid Rain" (Mitchell) - 4:35

"Another World" (Harlow, Mitchell) - 4:22

"The Visitor" (Mitchell) - 2:02

"Deception" (Harlow) - 3:36

"Hideaway" (Harlow) - 3:52

"Runnin' for Cover" (Rocket Norton, Timothy McHugh) - 3:38

Prism Band Members / Musicians

Ron Tabak - lead vocals

John Hall - keyboards

Lindsay Mitchell - guitars, backing vocals

Rocket Norton - drums

Al Harlow - bass guitar, guitars, backing vocals

Bruce Fairbairn - horn section

Young and Restless is the 4th studio album by the Canadian rock band, Prism. It was originally released in 1980 by the record label Capitol. The album is notably the last album by the band to feature Ron Tabak as the lead vocalist, and it is also the last album to feature their long-time producer, Bruce Fairbairn.

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