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Ted Nugent - Little Miss Dangerous (1986)

Ted Nugent - Little Miss Dangerous (1986)

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Side one
1. "High Heels in Motion" 3:35
2. "Strangers" Bill Conti, Nugent   3:53
3. "Little Miss Dangerous"    4:50
4. "Savage Dancer" 3:55
5. "Crazy Ladies"     3:43

Side two
6. "When Your Body Talks"    3:16
7. "My Little Red Book"    3:06
8. "Take Me Away"   3:14
9. "Angry Young Man"     3:57
10. "Painkiller" 6:02

Ted Nugent Band Members
Ted Nugent – guitars, six-string bass, percussion, lead and backing vocals, producer, mixing
Dave Amato – rhythm guitar, guitar synthesizer, synthesizer, lead and backing vocals
Patrick Leonard, David 'Hawk' Wolinski, Lawrence Dermer – keyboards and synthesizers
Ricky Phillips – bass, background vocals
Jay Ferguson – bass
Michael Mason – drums and percussion, background vocals
Joe Galdo, Duane Hitchings – drums and percussion
Rick Baron, Tommy Thayer, Sandy Slavin, Bobby Colomby, Robby Weaver, Jaime St. James, Carmine Appice – background vocals

Ted Nugent Band members
Ted Nugent – lead guitar, vocals, bass, percussion (1974–present)
Greg Smith – bass, backing vocals (2007–present)
Jason Hartless – drums (2016–present)
Rob Grange – bass (1971–1978)
Derek St. Holmes – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1974–1976, 1976–1978, 1982, 1993–1995, 2011–2016)
Cliff Davies – drums (1974–1981)
Meat Loaf – vocals (1976)
Charlie Huhn – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1978–1982)
Carmine Appice – drums (1982–1983)
Brian Howe – vocals (1984–1985)
Dave Amato – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1985–1988)
Chuck Wright – bass (1987-1988)
Ricky Phillips – bass
Alan St. John – keyboard
Marco Mendoza – bass
Tommy Aldridge – drums
Tommy Clufetos – drums (2002–2005, 2007)
Barry Sparks – bass (2003–2007)
Mick Brown – drums, backing vocals (2005–2016)
Jack Blades – bass, backing vocals (2007)
Jonathan Kutz – drums (2014)
Johnny Bee Badanjek – drums (2014)

Ted Nugent discography solo
Ted Nugent (1975)
Free-for-All (1976)
Cat Scratch Fever (1977)
Double Live Gonzo! (1978)
Weekend Warriors (1978)
State of Shock (1979)
Scream Dream (1980)
Intensities in 10 Cities (1981)
Nugent (1982)
Penetrator (1984)
Little Miss Dangerous (1986)
If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em (1988)
Spirit of the Wild (1995)
Craveman (2002)
Love Grenade (2007)
Shutup & Jam! (2014)
The Music Made Me Do It (2018)

Little Miss Dangerous is the 9th studio album by American hard rock guitarist Ted Nugent. The album was released in March 1986, by Atlantic Records.

The single "Little Miss Dangerous" was Ted Nugent's most successful single in Australia. This is mostly because the track was featured in an episode of the same name of the American television series Miami Vice. The track "Angry Young Man" was also used in an episode of Miami Vice entitled "Definitely Miami", in which Nugent guest-starred as a pimp/drug dealer and was killed in a shoot-out with Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson). A promotional video clip was produced for the song "Little Miss Dangerous'".

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