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Korn - Follow the Leader (1998)

Korn - Follow the Leader (1998)

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Korn - Follow the Leader

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1. "It's On!"   4:28

2. "Freak on a Leash"   4:15

3. "Got the Life"   3:45

4. "Dead Bodies Everywhere"   4:44

5. "Children of the Korn" (featuring Ice Cube)   3:52

6. "B.B.K."   3:56

7. "Pretty"   4:12

8. "All in the Family" (featuring Fred Durst)   4:48

9. "Reclaim My Place"   4:32

10. "Justin"   4:17

11. "Seed"   5:54

12. "Cameltosis" (featuring Tre Hardson)   4:38

13. "My Gift to You" ("My Gift To You" ends at 7:12. A hidden track entitled "Earache My Eye", a Cheech & Chong cover, starts at 10:50 after 2 minutes of silence and an interlude that lasts around a minute and 40 seconds. The track itself is around 4 minutes 50 seconds long.)   15:40

Total length: 70:08

Korn Band Members

Jonathan Davis – vocals, bagpipes

Head – electric guitar

Munky – electric guitar

Fieldy – bass guitar

David Silveria – drums, percussion

Fred Durst – on "All In The Family"

Tre Hardson – on "Cameltosis"

Ice Cube – on "Children Of The Korn"

Cheech Marin – on "Earache My Eye"

Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo – artwork

Brian Haberlin – artwork (coloring)

Joseph Cultice – photography

Tommy D. Daugherty – programming

John Ewing, Jr. – engineer, assistant engineer

Ross Robinson - vocal coaching

Stephen Marcussen – mastering

Brendan O'Brien – mixing

Steve Thompson – producer

Don C. Tyler – digital editing

Justin Z. Walden – additional drums, programming

Toby Wright – producer, engineer

Follow the Leader is the 3rd studio album by American nu metal band Korn. The album was released on August 18, 1998, through Immortal/Epic. This was their first album not produced by Ross Robinson. Instead, it was produced by Steve Thompson and Toby Wright.

The album peaked at number one on four charts, including the Billboard 200 with 268,000 units sold in its first week of release, Follow the Leader is considered by members of Korn to be the band's most commercially–successful album, being certified five-times Platinum by the RIAA. Its singles "Got the Life", and "Freak on a Leash", both charted on more than three charts, and their music videos are considered to be the first music videos retired from MTV, most notably the MTV show Total Request Live. The album generally received positive reviews by critics and sold around 14 million copies worldwide. Korn was praised by AllMusic saying the album is "an effective follow-up to their first two alt-metal landmarks."

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