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Ringo Starr - Stop and Smell the Roses (1981)

Ringo Starr - Stop and Smell the Roses (1981)

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Ringo Starr - Stop and Smell the Roses

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Side one

1. "Private Property"   2:44

2. "Wrack My Brain"   2:21

3. "Drumming is My Madness"   3:29

4. "Attention"   3:20

5. "Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses"   3:08

Side two

1. "Dead Giveaway"   4:28

2. "You Belong to Me"   2:09

3. "Sure to Fall"   3:42

4. "You've Got a Nice Way"   3:33

5. "Back Off Boogaloo"   3:16

Ringo Starr Band Membes / Musicians

Ringo Starr – lead vocals, drums, percussion

George Harrison – acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Ronnie Wood – guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, backing vocals

Ray Cooper – guitar, percussion, synthesizer, tambourine, backing vocals

Dennis Budimir – guitar

Michael Sturgis – guitar

Stephen Stills – guitar, backing vocals

Fred Tackett – guitar

Laurence Juber – acoustic guitar

Richie Zito – guitar

Al Kooper – piano, electric guitar

Paul McCartney – bass guitar, percussion, piano, backing vocals

Dennis Belfield – bass guitar

Wilton Felder – bass guitar

Harley Thompson – bass guitar

Herbie Flowers – bass guitar, tuba

Jane Getz – keyboards

Mike Finnigan – keyboards

Greg Mathieson – keyboards

Joe Sample – keyboards

Jim Keltner – drums, percussion

Joe Lala – percussion

Howie Casey – saxophone

Jim Gordon – saxophone

Jerry Jumonville – saxophone

Bruce Paulson – trombone

Rick Riccio – flute, backing vocals

Lee Thornburg – trumpet

Sheila Casey – backing vocals

Linda McCartney – backing vocals

Harry Nilsson – backing vocals

Lezlee Livrano Pariser – backing vocals

Keith Richards – backing vocals

Stop and Smell the Roses is the 8th studio album by English rock musician Ringo Starr. Released in October 1981, it followed the twin commercial failures of Ringo the 4th (1977) and Bad Boy (1978). The album includes the hit single "Wrack My Brain", written and produced by George Harrison, but otherwise failed to find commercial success. It also includes contributions from Paul McCartney, Harry Nilsson, Ronnie Wood and Stephen Stills.

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