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Roger Glover - If Life Was Easy (2011)

Roger Glover - If Life Was Easy (2011)

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Roger Glover - If Life Was Easy

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"Don't Look Now (Everything Has Changed)" (Roger Glover/Randall Bramblett)

"The Dream I Had"


"The Car Won't Start"

"Box of Tricks"

"Stand Together" (Glover/Bramblett)

"If Life Was Easy"

"Welcome To The Moon"

"Set Your Imagination Free" (Glover/Gillian Glover)

"When Life Gets To The Bone"

"When The Day Is Done"

"Get Away (Can't Let You)" (Glover/Glover)

"Staring Into Space"

"The Ghost Of Your Smile"

"Cruel World"

"Feel Like A King"

Roger Glover Band Members / Musicians

Roger Glover – bass, vocals, baglama, guitar, piano, programming, percussion, harmonica, synthesizer

Randall Bramblett – vocals, keyboards, saxophone

Joe Bonadio – drums, percussion, electric drill

Oz Noy – guitars

Harvey Jones – synthesizers

Eliot Denenberg – drums, guitar atmosphere

Joe Mennonna – horns, horn arrangement

Nick Moroch – guitar

Dan McCafferty – vocals

Pete Agnew – vocals

Gillian Glover – vocals

Walther Gallay – vocals

Mickey Lee Soule – vocals

Sahaj Ticotin – vocals

Sim Jones – strings, string arrangement

Don Airey – pianet

If Life Was Easy is the 5th solo album by Deep Purple's bass player Roger Glover released by earMusic/edel on July 11, 2011. The album was recorded in 2007 but due to personal reasons it wasn't released until 2011. Like its predecessor, Snapshot (2002), it features The Guilty Party which includes Randall Bramblett and Gillian Glover. Guest appearances are from Nazareth's Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew as well as Walther Gallay and Sahaj Ticotin.

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