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The Everly Brothers - In Our Image (1966)

The Everly Brothers - In Our Image (1966)

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The Everly Brothers - In Our Image

Side one

"Leave My Girl Alone" (Bernie Baum, Bill Giant, Florence Kaye, Kenny Lynch) – 2:22

"(Why Am I) Chained to a Memory" (Eddie Snyder, Richard Ahlert) – 2:07

"I'll Never Get Over You" (Phil Everly, Don Everly) – 2:09

"The Doll House is Empty" (Howard Greenfield, Jack Keller) – 2:00

"Glitter and Gold" (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil) – 2:40

"(You Got) The Power of Love" (Delaney Bramlett, Joey Cooper) – 2:37

Side two

"The Price of Love" (Phil Everly, Don Everly) – 2:07

"It's All Over" (Don Everly) – 2:19

"I Used to Love You" (Sonny Curtis) – 2:15

"Lovey Kravezit" (Inspired by the Columbia Motion Picture The Silencers) (Howard Greenfield, Jack Keller) – 2:37

"June is as Cold as December" (Marge Barton) – 2:52

"It Only Costs a Dime" (Phil Everly, Don Everly) – 1:57

In Our Image is an album by The Everly Brothers, originally released in 1966.

Several of the songs had appeared on singles in 1965, where their biggest success came in the United Kingdom off the back of "The Price Of Love" (present on this album) and "Love Is Strange" (from Beat & Soul), the former of which ascended to No. 2 on the UK Charts, but only No. 104 in America.

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