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The Great Society - Conspicuous Only in Its Absence (1968)

The Great Society - Conspicuous Only in Its Absence (1968)

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"Sally, Go 'Round The Roses" (Lona Stevens, Zell Sanders)  – 6:32

"Didn't Think So" (Grace Slick)  – 3:23

"Grimly Forming" (Peter Vandergelder)  – 3:53

"Somebody to Love" (Darby Slick)  – 4:27

"Father Bruce" (Darby Slick, Grace Slick, Jerry Slick, David Miner)  – 3:31

"Outlaw Blues" (Bob Dylan)  – 2:27

"Often as I May" (Grace Slick)  – 3:43

"Arbitration" (Peter Vandergelder)  – 3:58

"White Rabbit" (Grace Slick)  – 6:15


The Great Society Band Members / Musicians

Grace Slick – piano, vocals, bass guitar

Darby Slick – guitar

David Miner – guitar

Jerry Slick – drums

Peter Vandergelder (van Gelder) – bass guitar, flute, saxophone

Herb Greene - photography

Conspicuous Only in Its Absence is an album by the American psychedelic rock band The Great Society and was released in 1968 by Columbia Records. The album consists of recordings made during a live concert performance by the band at The Matrix club in San Francisco in 1966. Additional recordings from the same concert were released later in 1968 on the album How It Was. These two albums were repackaged in 1971 as a double album called Collector's Item.

The Great Society (also known as The Great!! Society!!) was a 1960s San Francisco rock band that existed from 1965 to 1966, and was closely associated with the burgeoning Bay Area acid rock scene. Best known as the original group of model-turned-singer Grace Slick, the initial line-up of the band also featured her then-husband Jerry Slick on drums, his brother Darby Slick on guitar, David Miner on vocals and guitar, Bard DuPont on bass, and Peter van Gelder on flute, bass, and saxophone. Miner and DuPont did not remain with the band for the duration of its existence.

The Great Society Band Members / Musicians

Darby Slick - guitar, backing vocals (1965-1966)

Grace Slick - vocals, piano, recorder, organ, guitar, bass (1965-1966)

Jerry Slick - drums (1965-1966, died 2020)

Peter van Gelder - bass, flute, saxophone (1965-1966)

David Miner - vocals, guitar (1965-1966)

Bard Dupont - bass, harmonica (1965-1966)

Oscar Daniels - guitar (1965)

Jean Piersol - vocals (1965)

The Great Society Discography Full

1968 Conspicuous Only in Its Absence

1968 How It Was

1971 Collector's Item

1989 Live at the Matrix

1995 Born to Be Burned

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