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Aretha Franklin - Sparkle (soundtrack) (1976)

Aretha Franklin - Sparkle (soundtrack) (1976)

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"Sparkle" (4:13)

"Something He Can Feel" (6:21)

"Hooked on Your Love" (5:00)

"Look into Your Heart" (4:04)

"I Get High" (4:11)

"Jump" (2:19)

"Loving You Baby" (3:48)

"Rock with Me" (3:11)

Aretha Franklin Band Members / Musicians

Curtis Mayfield, Phil Upchurch, Gary Thompson - Guitars

Rich Tufo , Floyd Morris - Keyboards

Quinton Joseph - Drums

Henry Gibson - Congas , Cow Bell

Lucky Scott - Bass

Music from the Warner Bros. Picture "Sparkle" is a soundtrack album by American singer Aretha Franklin, written and produced by Curtis Mayfield. Released on May 27, 1976, the disc is the soundtrack album for the 1976 Warner Bros. motion picture Sparkle, starring Irene Cara. The songs on the soundtrack feature the instrumental tracks and backing vocals from the film versions, with Franklin's voice taking the place of the original lead vocalists.

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