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Venom - Temples of Ice (1991)

Venom - Temples of Ice (1991)

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Venom - Temples of Ice

1. "Tribes"   3:44

2. "Even in Heaven"   3:57

3. "Trinity MCMXLV 0530"   3:33

4. "In Memory of (Paul Miller 1964–90)"   4:17

5. "Faerie Tale"   4:21

6. "Playtime"   3:18

7. "Acid"   4:13

8. "Arachnid"   2:42

9. "Speed King" (Deep Purple cover)   3:31

10. "Temples of Ice"   6:44

Venom Band Members / Musicians

Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan – vocals, bass

Jeff "Mantas" Dunn – guitar

Al Barnes – guitar

Anthony "Abaddon" Bray – drums

Engineered by Kevin Ridley

Mixed by Kevin Ridley and Pete Peck at Great Linford Manor, England

Temples of Ice is the 7th studio album by English heavy metal band Venom. The album was originally supposed to be produced by ex-Child's Play producer Howard Benson, however he was unavailable so the band decided to stay with Kevin Ridley, who co-produced the band's previous album Prime Evil. It was released on Under One Flag records in 1991, and marketed and distributed by Music for Nations.

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